The Why of Skye

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by Charlie Esser for the Nuff Said Podcast

So, I am guessing if you are reading my blog you are probably watching a little bit of Agents of SHIELD as well.  Sure, you either agree or disagree with me about Loki secretly controlling every aspect of the MCU and the necessity of Face Heel and Heel Face turns in the world of super heroism, but there are something we likely can agree on.

Like, who is Skye? Mary Sue Poots (yeah you always suspected she was a Mary Sue) as far as we know was born in Hunan Province and was collected by SHIELD agents (who, let’s face it may or may not have been Hydra, or Zodiac, or Sons of the Serpent or who knows what else Marvel has hiding somewhere in the MCU) which lead to her father and her as yet unseen and undiscussed mother using their monster powers to tear through every village to find her and kill anyone who they blamed for the theft of their kid (hey would you do any different , really?)

Fast forward several years, and Skye is being hidden from her parents by SHIELD (did we mention that even when they are the good guys they sometimes seem kind of evil) and hide her true nature from herself.  She becomes a magical computer savant who can use the magical Stark tech computers that exist in the MCU to do just about anything she should so wish.  Which gets her on the radar of SHIELD, and Coulson, and then blonging ensues.

Up until, people working with HYRDA, who apparently are also working with Skye’s father, decide to shoot her in the stomach to find the magic get out of Valhalla free juice that brought Coulson back from the Dead.  One really wonders how Evil McBloodhands (Also known as Skye’s father) felt about that, but this may explain something of the rift that has come to exist between Flowers/Skye’s father and the remnants of Hydra.

Now, here is where the magic happens. Skye comes back from the dead using the stuff that brought Coulson back and as far as we can tell has no ill effects.  Coulson, when he came back from the dead, likewise had little to no ill effects.  Garrett uses the knock off formula and immediately starts writing all sorts of non sense because the universe has been opened up for him.  We could guess that this is because he got the knock off serum, but then a few scene’s after Garret get blowed up by 0-8-4 from the self titled episode, we see Coulson too is afflicted by the magical serum of cosmic awareness.

Do you see the problem here?  We can guess that Coulson had avoided the deleterious “I have touched the face of God” effects because he had the truth of his resurrection hidden from him.  Garret of course knowing full well the cause of his resurrection immediately goes off the deep end to Flower’s great joy, and after Coulson learns the truth himself starts experiencing the same issues.  The problem with this of course is that Skye was told up front by Coulson that it was eau de blue guy that brought her fact, and her reaction was.  O.k.

And that is it, no mystery writing, not touching god faces (though she might be willing to try that if Hemsworth does a guest spot), nothing, just same old Skye, different day.  And this tells us more than anything else we’ve been told this series.

Although there was  quick hand twitch in the October 14th episode of Agents of SHIELD, we haven’t really been shown any autographia by Skye, or even as she has been asked to research the pictograms created by Coulson and Garrett, any particular affinity for them.  From this we can only ascertain one thing.  Whatever they put into Skye, unlike what was put into Garrett and Coulson, was already there.

This means whatever that blue person was, Kree, Inhuman, Altanean, Lemurian, they are what Skye is.

The Kree come in two forms, blue and pink, so if Evil McBloodhands is a Kree he could well be a pink skinned Kree (like Captian Marvel), and Skye could be either Kree or Human/Kree, or Kree and something else on earth as well.   We also know that Atlanteans and theoretically Lemurians can be Pink if they are half human (like Namor), which goes to my Evil McBloodhands could be Namor or a Namor like character in the MCU (making Skye theoretically ¼ fish person). Inhumans likewise could take many forms, as can Eternals and Deviants (all of whom spring originally from earth as well).  So just knowing that Skye and the blue guy share something doesn’t really tell us what the blue guy was, but it tells us a lot about both Skye and her father.

Recently we saw that the obelisk that turns those who touch it to stone for flowers just put on a light show, which we are told makes her a part of the same group as Skye and her Father.  However,  it also tells us that whatever the Obelisk is supposed to do Skye’s father may not know all its secrets either.

What we have in the Skye family portrait here is three people that belong to something greater than themselves, but that are unaware of exactly what that is.

Which is why I lean towards my Atlantean theory of Evil McBloodhands.  When Namor returned to the Marvel Universe it was as a homeless man who had lost all awareness of his past.  Even after regaining his memory of his prince hood, his people and world were lost to him for a while.  This seems to mirror what we have been given for Skye’s father.  He knows he is part of something greater, but even he has limited knowledge of what that is. He wishes to reunite with his people, but he doesn’t know where to find them.  Namor didn’t have a daughter of course, and Skye’s parentage isn’t clear here either, but that they are all lost and seeking each other, and none of them look like the Blue being whom they all must share some lineage opens up a new and wonderful world of possibilities for the MCU.

And even if I am wrong about the nature of those possibilities it will be fun to see what realities  the MCU people find to stun and amaze us again.


Black Canary (She is woman, hear her ROAR!)

By  Phil Perich for The Flash Arrow Power Hour Podcast

The last few weeks I’ve been featuring characters that have recently appeared on The Flash or Arrow TV shows.  This week I want to feature a character that played a big role in Arrow season 2 and will probably be reborn with someone else behind the mask this season—Black Canary!  Dinah Drake first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (August 1947).  She appeared at first to be a criminal, but she was actually undercover to break up a gang of criminals.  She got her own series of back up stories starting with Flash Comics #92 (February 1948). 

 This story reveals her origin as a florist who was dating Gotham City Police Detective Larry Lance.  Black Canary joined the Justice Society of America in All Star Comics #41.  The 1960’s would reveal that the Justice Society lived on Earth 2 and they would often team up with the Justice League from Earth 1.  It was shown that Larry and Dinah had gotten married in the 1950’s.  They lived happily ever after…until the 1969 Justice League/Justice Society team up.  Larry Lance is killed saving his wife’s life from an attack by Aquarius.  After his death, Dinah’s grief drives her to immigrate to Earth 1, where she joins the Justice League.  After a period of mourning, she begins to date her teammate, Green Arrow.  The 1970’s saw Dinah team up with Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow.  In 1983, the truth about the 2 women who were Black Canary, mother and daughter, was revealed in Justice League of America #219-220 (October/November 1983).

Dinah Laurel Lance went on to follow in her mother’s footsteps.  Gaining the power of the “Canary Cry” from the metagene in her DNA, Dinah continued to set herself apart from her mother.  The late 1980’s would feature Black Canary as the partner/lover of Green Arrow, First in Green Arrow: the Longbow Hunters miniseries and into the Green Arrow ongoing series until his infidelity drives her away.  She would go on to partner with Barbara Gordon (Oracle at this time) as the Birds of Prey team.

The 2000’s would see Dinah rejoin the Justice Society and the Justice League (which she would lead for awhile).  Black Canary has shown up in other media as well, such as the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

A none Black Canary version of Dinah appeared in the short lived Birds of Prey TV show, played by actress Rachel Skarsten.  

Although the best known live action version of Black Canary is probably her portrayal by actress Caity Lotz in Arrow season 2.

Unfortunately, this Black Canary is murdered in the season 3 premiere of Arrow.  Will her sister Laurel (actress Katie Cassidy) take up her identity and avenge her death?

Time will tell.  Or you tell me. What do you think? Let me know!

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Until next week, let your arrows fly true

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Arkham Asylum (House of Health…or Madness)

By  Phil Perich for 

I was trying to think of a topic for this week’s blog.  Had there been a breakout character this week on Gotham? I covered The Penguin last week.  Then it hit me.  The title of this week’s episode and a big focus this week.  Arkham!  The Asylum first appeared in Batman #258 (October 1974).  In this first appearance it was called Arkham Hospital.  

The name Arkham Asylum comes from the fictional institution in many H.P. Lovecraft stories where it is located in Arkham Massachusetts.  It wasn’t until Batman #326 (1980) that the full name Arkham Asylum was used.  The asylum had a long history of madness that predated most of it’s “patients”.  In the early 1900’s, Elizabeth Arkham, suffering from a mental illness, committed suicide.  Her son Amadeus then turned the house into a hospital from the mentally ill.  It was later revealed that Amadeus had killed his mother and repressed the memory.  Amadeus later treated a patient named Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins.  Hawkins went on to kill Amadeus’s wife and daughter.  Amadeus still insisted on curing Hawkins, but later killed him in an electroshock “accident”.  This began Amadeus’s slow descent into madness until he became a patient in his own asylum, where he eventually died. Once the likes of Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and many other patients entered the asylum, escapes became an almost daily occurrence.  The asylum seemed to have a revolving door for its inmates.  Eventually, The asylum is taken over by Jeremiah Arkham, Amadeus’s nephew.  In the beginning, his treatment techniques are radical to say the least.  But once murders are committed on Gotham’s streets matching the (supposedly) committed killer Zsasz, Batman gets himself committed to the asylum to investigate in Shadow of the Bat #1-4 (June-September 1992).  

During the year long No Man’s Land storyline (1999), After a powerful earthquake, the United States abandons Gotham City and seals it off from the rest of the country.  Arkham Asylum is emptied and most of the inmates set up little kingdoms in the city. With the original Batcave destroyed and outside the city, Batman sets up several smaller satellite Batcaves.  In a ironic twist, one such Batcave is under the now abandoned Arkham Asylum, which had been a “home” for so many of his enemies.

Jeremiah Arkham would eventually follow his uncle’s path into madness.  Working in secret for months, Arkham developed a new personality, as the 2nd Black Mask.  He was apprehended by the Dick Grayson Batman in Batman #697 (May 2010), and locked away in his own asylum.  

Does the asylum have some dark power that corrupts those who stay too long in it’s walls?

Keep watching Gotham, we’ll probably see more on Arkham and let me know what you think!

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Until next week, be good. Remember Gotham has many dark corners!


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